Early Signs of Pregnancy

Often women report that they just knew that they were pregnant. Sometimes a woman’s intuition is enough to predict a pregnancy. But more likely, she is in tune with her body and is noticing some of the signals that it is giving her. When women first fall pregnant, their breasts will become swollen.

They might also feel tender to the touch. A woman will notice that her bra fits a little bit different and that she just feels uncomfortable in that undergarment. Also, she will start to feel more tired. It will be a sort of malaise that one feels on a rainy day. The type of feeling that makes you wake up craving more sleep. Only this feeling will be chronic at the beginning of a pregnancy. It is your body’s way of saying that it’s undergoing major changes.

Women might also experience a little bit of spotting and some cramping. Of course, this makes it difficult to determine whether one is having a period or not. These symptoms might be very similar to a period in fact. Just make sure that you don’t make any assumptions that a little bit of blood and some pains mean you are not pregnant. Also, be wary of the nausea. It will start and be a sort of morning sickness. If you’re a person that’s not usually one to suffer from an upset stomach, then you should be particularly wary. You are entering a phase where you will suffer from this a lot. Just because you’re not throwing up doesn’t mean it’s not nausea from pregnancy. In tandem with an off stomach, you might start to be put off by certain foods.

Normally you can look at anything and be appeased, but lately, your tastes have gotten more selective. And trigger the pregnancy food cravings, because they begin at the very beginning of conception too. Also, if you are getting headaches, then that is normal at the start. You might also feel constipated and not be able to pinpoint a reason why.

If you notice you’re feeling happy one minute and then want to cry the next, then this is likely down to the fact that you are with child. While one of these symptoms alone might not mean anything, the accumulation of all these factors will likely point to a positive.

Always, women should visit the doctor for the most accurate results.

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