Hair Loss During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most taxing things your body can go through as a woman – apart from other things, you need to make sure you are doing all the right things to prevent further damage, and full and fast recovery time.

The number one cause for lower life expectancy for the babies, is the fact the mother did not eat enough food, nutrients during time of pregnancy – most people today are in this category, and need to fix this – there isn’t enough awareness of this, so this is often ignored.

When it comes to hair loss during and after pregnancy, a lot of factors behind it are related to nutrition – and the fact that most people don’t realize what nutrition is important – most people think of greens and veggies, which actually isn’t a good way of seeing what nutrition means.

Apart from buying various hair thickening products, such as from this list of products that actually work by a UK reviewist, you should also look into supplementing from beef sourced collagen, and have it twice a day, during and after pregnancy – this is important for the baby, as well as healing fast after giving birth, including faster hair growth, bone care and skin care.

The other aspect of healing fast, is to stay in bed, or lying position for at least 40 days after birth. This is because you can get issues with the womb getting back into place – and if it does not get enough time to heal, with enough nutrition, then it may cause serious problems.

They say that it takes a women about 1.5 years to fully heal from one birth – so it is best to do everything you can, everyday, nutrition wise, emotionally as well as mentally and physically, because you need everything you can get – and avoiding meat is probably the worst thing you can right now for your body, as it needs the vital amino acids which convert fastest to healing. 

Keep taking your prenatal vitamins even after birth, as you need these for yourself, more than ever – adding a B-complex will help with emotional stress factors, as well as keep you up and healthy mentally and physically – these can be taken long term, even if you are not pregnant, and will help provide essential vitamins needed. They are sold as prenatal because they are higher quality.

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