How To Stop Itching Down There


Everything on the human body can be itchy at one point or another in our lives, even though it mostly seems like it is our backs, but nothing should be itchy all the time, or even persistently itchy as that could indicate a number of conditions which need to be addressed, based upon where the itchiness is located and what the itchiness could indicate. It could either just be itchy, could be an indicator of something minor, or it could be an indicator of a serious issue.

Vaginal itching is not the same as vulval itching. Many people mix up the terms and use vagina or vaginal for the vulval area. Vulva refers to the area outside the vagina while the vagina is entirely within the body. While there are a number of things which can cause an itchy vulva, such as heat rash, genital warts, and scabies, our topic for today is vaginal itching.

Vaginal itching is not always an indicator of poor vaginal health. A vagina is designed to keep itself healthy and clean by having the right balance of bacteria. The mucus it secretes should not smell bad and should be clear or white. As most women know, the amount of mucus depends on the hormone levels and where they are on the menstrual cycle.

Some causes of vaginal itching could include:

Contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is prolonged friction from activities, or something that you come into contact with that is proving to be an irritant or an allergy. Things that can cause contact dermatitis would be clothing that is too restrictive as that restricts airflow, tampons and sanitary pads, scented toilet paper and laundry detergent. Other activities with prolonged contact and friction would include riding a horse and riding a bicycle.

Hormone changes can also have a tendency to cause vaginal itching. Estrogen levels drop when you age or when you are nursing and when estrogen levels lower, the vaginal walls can thin out, which leads to irritation and itchiness. Itchiness usually resolves once estrogen levels increase. Other causes of low estrogen can include anorexia, premature ovarian failure, excessive exercise, chemotherapy and other issues that can affect female health. (

There are treatments for vaginal itching, either from a doctor, over the counter, or home remedies. There are over the counter creams for yeast infections, treatments from a doctor for sexually transmitted infections that could cause vaginal itchiness, or you could simply be dehydrated, which can also cause vaginal itchiness. ( As mentioned before, the vagina is sensitive, so when it is dehydrated it can become even more sensitive and will be more prone to irritation and yeast infections.

In closing, when it comes to your vaginal health, make sure it is not your vulva that is itchy, don’t exercise excessively, don’t wear restrictive clothing because the girl that lives downstairs has to breathe too, drink plenty of water on a daily because your vagina is not a cactus, be careful when using scented products and see a doctor if you have ruled out other things that it could be that don’t require a doctor to treat.

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