What To Expect When You Undergo Fertility Treatment With Female Hormones

Female hormones

Feminizing hormone treatment is employed to introduce dramatic physiological changes in the human body caused primarily by female hormones to encourage the proper matching of one’s secondary sex characteristics and your primary gender identity. Usually, a person who has undergone treatment will notice that at the onset of treatment, they will have noticeably different physical traits than they did prior to the hormonal intervention. In addition, they may also be subjected to a wide range of psychological symptoms. If the person seeks psychological help after the intervention, it is advised that they first consult with their doctor about their personal medical history. Some common symptoms that women may experience after undergoing hormonal therapy are:

Mood swings Most hormonal treatments are applied for approximately three months at a time. Some people undergo their hormonal treatments for more than three months. During this time, their body will go through the natural process of adapting to the treatment. It is during this time when those who have undergone feminizing hormone therapy will notice a considerable change in their moods. This change is due to the body becoming accustomed to the medications and the effects that the medications have on various body systems.

Body changes Some of the most noticeable changes that women who have undergone feminizing hormone therapy might notice include their body’s increased level of testosterone production. Testosterone production is what contributes to the development of the female sex characteristics that are mentioned above. When you begin one of these hormonal treatments, it is expected that you will begin to notice a considerable change in your increased level of testosterone production. Some women will even notice an increase in vaginal lubrication. Others might even notice a change in the color and size of their breast tissue.

Changes in vaginal discharge When you begin one of these hormonal treatments, you will notice that the consistency of the vaginal discharge will begin to change. In some cases, this change will be very mild while in others it may be more pronounced. You might also notice that the color and texture of the discharge are different from the consistency and thickness of it prior to undergoing the feminizing hormone therapy. This is due to the body welcoming the treatments that it has undergone. The body is changing and the hormones are going into action.

Fatigue Women who have undergone feminizing hormone therapy might notice a significant difference in how they feel. Their energy levels are going to increase and this affects how they approach the day. Many women will note that they have more vitality and are able to cope and handle more stressors that they might encounter throughout the day.

These are just a couple of the many changes that you may experience when you begin one of these treatments. The treatment will affect your entire body and it can take a while for the changes that you notice to go away. Your body will have to adjust to the feminizing hormone therapy and then begin to reverse the process. If you are looking to boost your confidence or if you are a female looking to identify with a specific gender identity, then you might consider this type of treatment. You will be able to have the body that you want and feel good about the way that you look.